Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs | Milwaukee, WI

Most homeowners give little to no thought about their garage door, until it breaks. All of a sudden you are left with all kinds of decisions to make: which materials should you use, what installer is the best, what are the best kind of springs to use for your garage door.

Garage door springs are more important than homeowners realize. Poor or faulty springs come with a handful of dangerous consequences: property damage, personal injury, and death to name a few. Inspecting and repairing your garage door springs is a job meant for experienced professionals. Always contact Milwaukee Garage Door Pros if your garage door springs are in need of repair.

Extension Springs

extension spring

These are the most commonly used springs among residential homeowners and are typically located above the upper horizontal tracks on both sides of your garage door. These springs work using an extension to provide a counterbalancing force and support your door. Every extension spring should be paired with safety cabled as well. These safety cables keep the extension springs from turning into a projectile in case you have a spring or bracket failure. This kind of dangerous accident can occur at any time, even if the door is closed.

Torsion Springs

torsion springs

Extensions springs expand or stretch, but torsion springs use torque to raise your garage door. Attached above the garage door, these torsion springs will twist and coil on the shaft whenever force is applied.

Torsion springs have a variety of options to choose from, this includes numerous wire sizes and lengths. The perfect torsion spring for you is based on your garage door’s specific weight, height, track radius, etc.

Which Garage Door Spring is Best for You?

Extension springs are usually a lot cheaper than torsion springs, hence why they are the most commonly used among residential homeowners.

However, torsion springs are stronger and more durable, lasting twice as long as the alternative. They give you better balancing and make for a smoother open and close for your garage door. With less exposed pieces, they are much safer to use as well. Because of this, torsion springs will yield a higher price tag.

If you are looking to purchase new springs for your garage door, make sure to compare and consider both options.

Extension springs and torsion springs are vital components of the safety and operation of your garage door. But always remember that these are dangerous components and should only be touched by an experienced professional. To be safe, call Milwaukee Garage Door Pros today at (414) 312-4460 and find out which springs will be best for your home. Our team will set you up with the perfect option and provide you with a safe & seamless installation.