Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

After making a suitable door choice alongside other major components, the next step is installation. If there is an existing door to be replaced by a new one, carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions on removing or simply hire one of our professionals, here in WI, who is well trained on how to safely release built-up tension in the spring, to help you out.

While garage door installation Madison, WI can be carried out as a DIY project using instruction manuals, videos, and the right tools, it is always a safe option as earlier stated to contract a professional. Here is a stepwise summary of the procedures involved in garage door installation:

  • Take measurements of the door-opening height and width, the headroom and the backroom. Commonly, garage door heights vary from 7” to 8” while the width could either be 8”, 9” 16” or 18”; the backroom is an additional 18” to the height measurement. The headroom, which is from the top of the opening to the ceiling, should have about 10” to 12” of space. All measurements should suit the type of door to be installed. Following the measurements would be the laying out of the bottom piece and attaching weather-stripping if applicable; also, hinges and lift handles should be attached at this point. Prior to this, temporary stops that are aligned with the inside edge of the door jamb should be attached to both sides of the door opening.
  • The second major step involves inserting the bottom piece into the door frame and setting it properly with the appropriate tool. Following this, assemble the curved, vertical and horizontal pieces of the track according to instructions in the installation manual and drive nails halfway into each vertical side (jamb) of the door frame.
  • Thirdly, install the second panel on the first and ensure it is well held to the side jambs. Afterward, install the hinges and repeat the process for other panels as needed.
  • Fourthly, install the rollers in the appropriate section for necessary support and place in the assembled track. Ensure the rollers are neither pressed too tightly nor held loosely against the track.
  • Lastly, install the curved and horizontal pieces ensuring the tracks are straight and pointing at right angles away from the opening. With the tracks secured, follow the installation manual to assemble the springs and then lift the door halfway (with the support of an assistant) to check that the tracks are well placed (i.e. level and parallel). Finally, lift the door over the rest of the length and get the springs attached to the pulley system.

In addition, to ensure proper door installation as a DIY project, endeavor to have an assistant, the right tools, and carefully read instructions contained in the manual. It is also good to have a good deal of experience handling similar projects in the past, otherwise, contact us to get the job done for you, we are the best garage door company in Madison, Wisconsin. We can guarantee your safety and an installation-error-free door in the long-run.

Finally, do not use old door parts with a new door to prevent voiding the warranty in case a need to make claims arises within the warranty period.

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